You are the Difference

May 24, 2017

While on earth it is useful to consider yourself
as a brilliant dimension and beautiful display of light – cosmic light.

Can you remember that this light in you
was very strong when you were born here?
It is still very strong and it wants to shine, more and more.

Through meditating you are feeding this light
as it is guiding you to your destiny.

At some point in your journey you are realizing that this light in you is you.
Always has been, always will be.

This realization comes with great peace.

As a light body, you are traveling through time,
through the galaxies, through unlimited space.

Everyone at their own pace.
In search of the love you already are.

Keep going.
Never ever stop.
Knowing all the time that only the now is reality.

Very gently, very, very gently push aside the thinking part of your mind.

Sometimes the thinking part of the mind gets stuck in a groove
and makes you a prisoner of illusion.

Therefore, especially in meditation, turn to the heart.

The heart is your essence.
It is reality.
It is truth.

In these precarious times of big change many light beings,
many angels, many bodhisattvas, may avatars are supporting you.

Even the earth herself, mother Gaia,
is trying to speak directly into your heart and into your soul.

Shamans everywhere, even in the most remote places on the planet
are delivering the same message.

You can make a difference.
You are the difference.

Your heart is already singing to a different tune.
A tune of love, of sharing, of social justice for all.

May all beings become aware of the noble truth of what they are
and what the world is for.

May you be happy, very happy, and may your happiness benefit the quality of life for all beings.

So be it.
In deep peace and sweet surrender.

As consciousness there is no dying.
There is only continuity.


Love has Words of Wisdom

March 23, 2016

(The day after the attacks on the airport and metro in Brussels)

Breathe in love.
Breathe out love.

Now you are in the center of the truth of what you are.

How may humanity ever learn?

The antidote to fear and violence
is listening to what love has to say.

Love has words of wisdom.
Love is the answer and the never failing comfort.

No event can stop you from reaching for
and finding the peace within you.

United in this you are bonded
and supported in the oneness of love
and the beauty of your eternal being.

The vastness of your silence is a prayer
and cannot be misunderstood.

It embraces the whole globe
and mitigates the suffering.

You are the light in this world.
Your presence makes a radical difference.

What you are, you share.
Be love.

With every trigger, with every challenge
love renews its invitation
be to what you are.


Infinite Heart of Wisdom and Compassion

March 20, 2016 — Spring Equinox

From Day 3 of our Gearhart Retreat at the Oregon Coast

The promise and the pledge of Spring Equinox.

In an intelligent and benevolent universe new creation is always welcomed.

On planet Earth all its creatures still respond very deeply to Nature’s cycles.

On this most auspicious day what is your deepest longing
for your life and for life on this earth?

Are you willing
for the infinite heart of wisdom and compassion to guide you?

Do you have confidence that you have all the know-how you need?

Are you willing to greet the sun, the water, the air, Mother Gaia?

Are you willing to greet, in deep gratitude, what you were created for?

Do you see that greeting and gratitude
are the two wings of the infinite heart?

When you see all this you are well on your way
to celebrate this day.

Every act of kindness, every act of forgiveness,
visible or invisible, makes a difference.

Just as you, on some level, the entire universe is very aware of everything.

Open-mindedness, in service of open-heartedness,
can take all the barriers down
between you and complete freedom.


Your True Nature has No Need for Refinement

December 11, 2015

Listen to the softness of the rain and relax into it
as sweetly, as deeply, as completely as you possibly can.

Your true nature has no need for refinement.
It is absolutely perfect as it is.

You cannot even remember its birth
since it has never been subjected
to the human made laws of time.

But the masters, any master of truth and wisdom,
do encourage you to remember what you really are.

One glimpse.
Even one single glimpse of this
will reveal more than any Scripture can.

It takes you to the deep stillness
out of which all activity and all non-activity arise.

It takes you to the all-pervading love
beyond the distractions of the mind.

Many have come before you, your spiritual ancestors,
who have walked the earth knowing what they are.
Now there are so many of you,
a jump in evolution is not unrealistic.

May everlasting peace descend upon you as you remember
constantly, vigilantly and very lovingly
what you are and always will be.

Shalom! Peace! Ananda!


Choose Voluntarily the Path of Joy

December 9, 2015

Always remember
– this time you are choosing voluntarily the path of joy.

On this path you are a loving friend to yourself.

On this path you enjoy going inside
and finding vast, open space.

On the way, not avoiding anything,
you come upon openness after openness.

Your heart is the guide.
Your open mind is the happy servant.

Such a journey cannot fail.
There is no agenda.
There is no attachment.

States of mind come and go.
Awareness of what you really are
grows, moment by moment.

This awareness is not individual.
It shares itself, simultaneously, with everyone.

This presence, this unobstructed presence,
is not bothered by mind chatter and feelings of inadequacy.
This presence is joy itself and it is you.


Awakening is Happening

August 28, 2015

The silence is deepening
and gathering a sacred momentum.

Awakening is happening.

The heart is the highest sutra and tantra.

Let go now of all limiting belief systems.

Why postpone awakening for a future manifestation
when you are being called right now?

See the simplicity, the beauty and the basic goodness
of your own true nature and share it with others, when possible.

Know that help is available from so many who walk with you, always.

Receive the sweet blessings of Lord Krishna.

Receive the loving blessings of Lord Jesus.

Receive the sacred blessings of the Holy Kabbalah.

And finally, receive the tantric blessings of Prajnaparamita,
Noble Goddess of Transcendent Wisdom,
to whom all the buddhas are connected, belly to belly.

As your silence is becoming an ocean of compassion
you, and all beings with you, are being liberated.


Resisting Love is a Form of Resenting Life

February 13, 2015

Never get stuck.
Keep engaging with the sacred teachings of life.

Among the many teachers Love is like the high priestess.
When in doubt ask yourself “What would love do?”

Resisting Love is a form of resenting life.

Love blossoms beautifully in a climate of courage and curiosity,
surrender and acceptance.

Absolutely refuse to feel sorry for yourself.
Love transcends all that, in an instant.

You are Love.
Let this in till you know and feel that this is the truth about you.

You are Love, even before the beginning of the beginning.

Knowing what you are stops the projection of separation.

You are Love.
The servant of the priestess and the priestess yourself.

To forget what you are, is misery.
To remember what you are, is happiness.


Be Aware that Your Potential is Being Activated

November 28, 2014

A great presence wants to share itself with you.

Wherever there is sensitivity there is transmission.

Tell your feet, your knees, your legs and your sacrum
to grow roots deep down into the belly of the earth.

Suggest to your sexual center and your solar plexus to be completely at ease,
to extend into space and to be pleasantly and naturally alive.

Now, ask your heart to be strong and sweet at the same time,
to be sensitive and to be all embracing.

Let there be no distance between your heart and the cosmic heart.

Your throat, your third eye, your crown are vibrating in unison.
They are receiving a clear broadcast from the intergalactic light.
Let it wash over you.

Be aware that your potential is being activated.

Your potential for goodness, for oneness, for love and compassion
is extraordinary.

Your aspiration is vibrant and steady as it is.
You are facilitating the emergence of a very benevolent and harmonious reality.

Through you as a conduit and anchor it can manifest for all to partake in it.

Everything around you is resonating with potential and divine creation.


Divine Mother Blesses You Again

April 23, 2014

Welcome your feelings, your thoughts, your bodily sensations
and then invite Divine Mother to touch your heart
with her magical fingers so it can fully open and soften
and sing its song of eternal love.

You may gently bow to her
as she is administering this healing to your heart.

An attitude of devotion
awakens the wonder of the innocent child in you.

This child is not jaded yet.
It is in touch with the unseen worlds.

It speaks to the animals, to the fairies and it is surrounded by playmates.

If you could allow this sense of wonder, of enthusiasm,
of adventure back into your life.

The blessings of Divine Mother are given to anyone who asks.

In her presence worries dissipate
and gratitude and generosity are generated from deep inside of you.

As the mother of the universe
she protects her children from harm and ignorance.

When you sit in her presence you realize how precious this life is,
how precious you are and how incredible the plan for cosmic evolution is.

Divine Mother blesses you again and will remain available if you so choose.


Stop Hurrying and Worrying

November 20, 2013

Just like this.
Stop hurrying and worrying.
Immediately you feel more connected to your body, to your heart
and especially to the vastness which you always are.

Life cannot be a series of distractions.
It is an invitation to live in mystery
and in surrender to what is unknown.

The mystics speak of this as living in God,
living in love, living as your true self.

To be on this journey reorients your perspective.
It makes you immensely grateful for all the magical encounters
arranged by existence itself in the guise of the perfect matchmaker.

On top of it
the most unbelievable meeting is precisely the one with your true self.

This meeting is ongoing and is a mirror for how you relate to others.

At times it will be really obvious that there are no others.
All is one.

In your true heart there is plenty of room for everyone and everything.
Such a heart cannot be broken.
It grows and grows.

When your heart is tender
there is a softening in the whole universe.


Invite Divine Presence to Reveal to You

August 21, 2013

Do yourself a great favor
and set all your worries to the side.
Really, all of them.

Now surrender your heart to love.
Invite divine presence to reveal to you
the mystery of your true self.

Your true self is not bound by the limitations
of time or space.

It was there before your body formed itself.
It will be there after the dissolution of your body.
It is there right now.

Some saints or sages are so strongly established in this self
that there seems to be a shining halo around them.
In essence your true self is not different at all.

As you are yielding to this,
as it is taking over,
there is a combined sense of deep love, peace, power, spaciousness
and a tremendous humbleness in the face of the mystery.

It is part of your training to learn how to live from this place.

Even though you are stepping into unknown territory
something in you already knows this is the way to go.

Nothing else makes much sense.
Love is the way to be.

Know that this is the truth about you.


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