Be Aware that Your Potential is Being Activated

November 28, 2014

A great presence wants to share itself with you.

Wherever there is sensitivity there is transmission.

Tell your feet, your knees, your legs and your sacrum
to grow roots deep down into the belly of the earth.

Suggest to your sexual center and your solar plexus to be completely at ease,
to extend into space and to be pleasantly and naturally alive.

Now, ask your heart to be strong and sweet at the same time,
to be sensitive and to be all embracing.

Let there be no distance between your heart and the cosmic heart.

Your throat, your third eye, your crown are vibrating in unison.
They are receiving a clear broadcast from the intergalactic light.
Let it wash over you.

Be aware that your potential is being activated.

Your potential for goodness, for oneness, for love and compassion
is extraordinary.

Your aspiration is vibrant and steady as it is.
You are facilitating the emergence of a very benevolent and harmonious reality.

Through you as a conduit and anchor it can manifest for all to partake in it.

Everything around you is resonating with potential and divine creation.


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