Stop Hurrying and Worrying

November 20, 2013

Just like this.
Stop hurrying and worrying.
Immediately you feel more connected to your body, to your heart
and especially to the vastness which you always are.

Life cannot be a series of distractions.
It is an invitation to live in mystery
and in surrender to what is unknown.

The mystics speak of this as living in God,
living in love, living as your true self.

To be on this journey reorients your perspective.
It makes you immensely grateful for all the magical encounters
arranged by existence itself in the guise of the perfect matchmaker.

On top of it
the most unbelievable meeting is precisely the one with your true self.

This meeting is ongoing and is a mirror for how you relate to others.

At times it will be really obvious that there are no others.
All is one.

In your true heart there is plenty of room for everyone and everything.
Such a heart cannot be broken.
It grows and grows.

When your heart is tender
there is a softening in the whole universe.


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