Love has Words of Wisdom

March 23, 2016

(The day after the attacks on the airport and metro in Brussels)

Breathe in love.
Breathe out love.

Now you are in the center of the truth of what you are.

How may humanity ever learn?

The antidote to fear and violence
is listening to what love has to say.

Love has words of wisdom.
Love is the answer and the never failing comfort.

No event can stop you from reaching for
and finding the peace within you.

United in this you are bonded
and supported in the oneness of love
and the beauty of your eternal being.

The vastness of your silence is a prayer
and cannot be misunderstood.

It embraces the whole globe
and mitigates the suffering.

You are the light in this world.
Your presence makes a radical difference.

What you are, you share.
Be love.

With every trigger, with every challenge
love renews its invitation
be to what you are.

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Tina Ouellette

5 years ago

Beautiful words❤️


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