Resisting Love is a Form of Resenting Life

February 13, 2015

Never get stuck.
Keep engaging with the sacred teachings of life.

Among the many teachers Love is like the high priestess.
When in doubt ask yourself “What would love do?”

Resisting Love is a form of resenting life.

Love blossoms beautifully in a climate of courage and curiosity,
surrender and acceptance.

Absolutely refuse to feel sorry for yourself.
Love transcends all that, in an instant.

You are Love.
Let this in till you know and feel that this is the truth about you.

You are Love, even before the beginning of the beginning.

Knowing what you are stops the projection of separation.

You are Love.
The servant of the priestess and the priestess yourself.

To forget what you are, is misery.
To remember what you are, is happiness.


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