Your True Nature has No Need for Refinement

December 11, 2015

Listen to the softness of the rain and relax into it
as sweetly, as deeply, as completely as you possibly can.

Your true nature has no need for refinement.
It is absolutely perfect as it is.

You cannot even remember its birth
since it has never been subjected
to the human made laws of time.

But the masters, any master of truth and wisdom,
do encourage you to remember what you really are.

One glimpse.
Even one single glimpse of this
will reveal more than any Scripture can.

It takes you to the deep stillness
out of which all activity and all non-activity arise.

It takes you to the all-pervading love
beyond the distractions of the mind.

Many have come before you, your spiritual ancestors,
who have walked the earth knowing what they are.
Now there are so many of you,
a jump in evolution is not unrealistic.

May everlasting peace descend upon you as you remember
constantly, vigilantly and very lovingly
what you are and always will be.

Shalom! Peace! Ananda!

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Ashley Shier

6 years ago

This is beautiful! Creates absolute peace of mind.


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