Breathe in Love. Breathe out Love.

Now you are in the center of the truth of what you are.
Love has words of wisdom.

Frank Coppieters

Frank works as an intuitive counselor, shaman, and Reiki practitioner and always focuses on the empowerment of his clients ...

Katherine Melcher, LCSW

Katherine practices from a Transpersonal perspective. The Transpersonal is a school of psychology that studies the self-transcendent or spiritual aspects ...

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Frank and Kathy always provide loving, safe and sacred space for everyone trusting that this is the best way of lasting transformation to take place.

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The words, the stories, the images, the insights, the direct approach and the simplicity will touch your heart and guide you on your way.

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Always Remember

On this path you enjoy going inside and finding vast, open space.

Healing Hands: A Reiki Story

For more than five years, on my trips back home to Belgium, I would offer Reiki sessions in Flanders in a friendly little town called Tremelo. It was the place ... Read More >

Birth of a Shaman

At 50, I decided to revisit the Carlos Castaneda Don Juan adventure series. I had delved into the Yaqui way in my 20's, but now Don Juan seemed to call to me... Read More >

Joska Soos

Joska Soos is an authentic European representative of a long and respected shamanic lineage, the Basci, and at the same time a herald ... Read More >

Guided by the Light

Frank Coppieters has relied on guidance to chart the path of his life. Now he shares wisdom drawn from a universal source through regular Inspired Guidance sessions. Read More >

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Reiki Home

An Unfolding Journey

Reiki Home is an alive, growing community inspired by the daily practice of Reiki. It brings Reikistas* together as an intentional, global community engaged in Reiki in Action. (*Reikistas is Spanish for people who study, practice, and receive Reiki.)

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