Awakening is Happening

August 28, 2015

The silence is deepening
and gathering a sacred momentum.

Awakening is happening.

The heart is the highest sutra and tantra.

Let go now of all limiting belief systems.

Why postpone awakening for a future manifestation
when you are being called right now?

See the simplicity, the beauty and the basic goodness
of your own true nature and share it with others, when possible.

Know that help is available from so many who walk with you, always.

Receive the sweet blessings of Lord Krishna.

Receive the loving blessings of Lord Jesus.

Receive the sacred blessings of the Holy Kabbalah.

And finally, receive the tantric blessings of Prajnaparamita,
Noble Goddess of Transcendent Wisdom,
to whom all the buddhas are connected, belly to belly.

As your silence is becoming an ocean of compassion
you, and all beings with you, are being liberated.


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