Divine Mother Blesses You Again

April 23, 2014

Welcome your feelings, your thoughts, your bodily sensations
and then invite Divine Mother to touch your heart
with her magical fingers so it can fully open and soften
and sing its song of eternal love.

You may gently bow to her
as she is administering this healing to your heart.

An attitude of devotion
awakens the wonder of the innocent child in you.

This child is not jaded yet.
It is in touch with the unseen worlds.

It speaks to the animals, to the fairies and it is surrounded by playmates.

If you could allow this sense of wonder, of enthusiasm,
of adventure back into your life.

The blessings of Divine Mother are given to anyone who asks.

In her presence worries dissipate
and gratitude and generosity are generated from deep inside of you.

As the mother of the universe
she protects her children from harm and ignorance.

When you sit in her presence you realize how precious this life is,
how precious you are and how incredible the plan for cosmic evolution is.

Divine Mother blesses you again and will remain available if you so choose.

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