Heaven Embraces the Earth

Frank recorded this double CD with voice teacher and shaman Lut Lemmens in a church in Belgium with great acoustics. Shamanic Voicings and Inspired Guidance ( in English ).

  • 8 Amazing Tracks

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Shamanic Journeys

This 2-CD set offers a riveting array of shamanic journeys crafted from several live recordings by Frank. These shamanic sounds are imbued with the breath of life. They have the power to transport you on many levels and to aid you on your journey of personal healing and transformation.

  • 2 Discs!
  • 11 Tracks
Please contact livinglightkathy@gmail.com to purchase.

I am Calling You

Frank has collaborated with singer and songwriter Shama to produce a beautiful CD I Am Calling You. Poetic inspired guidance by Frank is paired with the exquisitely moving chants by Shama creating a deep opening of devotion. You can listen to all 18 tracks on CD Baby.

  • 18 Incredible Tracks
  • A call to the divine within.