Frank and Kathy always provide loving, safe and sacred space for everyone trusting that this is the best way of lasting transformation to take place.



The words, the stories, the images, the insights, the direct approach and the simplicity will touch your heart and guide you on your way.



Wonderful, professional recordings full of timeless presence and creativity. You will listen to this again and again.


Reiki Home

An Unfolding Journey

Reiki Home is an alive, growing community inspired by the daily practice of Reiki. It brings Reikistas* together as an intentional, global community engaged in Reiki in Action. (*Reikistas is Spanish for people who study, practice, and receive Reiki.)

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Pastoor De Swaeflaan 24
9990 Maldegem, Belgium

+32 (0)470 84 69 20

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