From Midnight, On Earth with Jake Weaver

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We ask our questions on the edge of what is known and unknown..

We reach into the ether and pull forth fruit..

This podcast will guide you to other realms, and bring you back home..

A nexus of energy exchange with 'next level' guests, and out of this world topics. We will venture outward, and onward, ....forward into the beyond.

Midnight, On Earth will bring you the nourishment you need, it will fulfill your desire for deeper a level of information. Metaphysics, aliens, quantum physics, conspiracies, angels, astral dimensions, ancient mysteries, modern mysteries, everything under every sun and more, the bits between the bits..

We will be there..... With a microphone.

We sit down with Reiki master, teacher, and shaman Frank Coppieters, at the Living Light Center in Portland, OR. We have an incredible discussion about Reiki, Shamanism, the nature of things, and the road to heaven on earth.

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Frank Coppieters, Ph.D. is the director of the Living Light spiritual center which he started in 1986 in Portland, Oregon. He is a native of Belgium where he taught graduate students full time at the University of Antwerp in Theory of Literature, History of Drama and Non-Verbal Communication.

He also started a center where teachers and artists came who were developing new forms of energy work. It was through participating in their classes that Frank became engrossed in the body/mind/spirit connection. This led to extensive meditation practices, the search for various spiritual teachers and for a livelihood where he could offer his experience to others.